To bring the spirit of “Within Taiwan and Looking Out at the World” into full play, TVBS established the TVBS ASIA channel on June 2, 1997, combining news, show biz, drama, and lifestyles in order to broadcast the most sophisticated, diverse, vivid, and professional TV programmes from Taiwan to overseas Chinese audiences worldwide, 24 hours a day. No matter where the audience is, he or she may join the world of TVBS ASIA and move forward with global information.
  Channel Introduction
  TVBS ASIA channel offers a full range of integrated programs, including “TVBS Infotainment Channel,” “TVBS-News” and “TVBS-G,” 24 hours a day. In response to the enthusiasm from the worldwide audience, TVBS ASIA often travels overseas to organize concerts or meetings that are met with resoundingly positive response. Through close-up contacts with the overseas audience, TVBS wishes to break the boundary and language barriers in order to satisfy all audiences worldwide.

Currently, coverage includes Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong and Macao with over 2 million people watching. TVBS ASIA is delivering the fastest and latest information on Taiwan to the overseas Chinese audience.